DWI during Labor Day

30 Aug

The police are going to be out in numbers this Labor Day weekend, trying very hard to stop and arrest drunk drivers. Besides numerous field sobriety checkpoints, police officers will be stopping any vehicle violating any traffic rule if they suspect that a driver may be impaired.

While many drivers feel that they were singled out by a police officer to be stopped, this conduct is actually legal. A police officer needs to observe any traffic violation in order to justifiably stop a car. That means that if a police officer suspects that a driver is impaired, he/she can follow that driver until the driver makes a mistake.

If you received a DWI this weekend, please contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation. Depending on whether you agreed to submit to a chemical sample of your breath (blew into the Breathalyzer) or you refused, your right to drive is in serious jeopardy. You need to contact a St. Louis DWI lawyer immediately to protect your rights and freedom. Call us at 314-529-1252 for a Free and Confidential Phone Consultation.

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