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21 Nov

Fine Collection Center Information Sheet Tickets Due in 30 Days Program


Police carBackground In late 1997, the Supreme Court established the Fine Collection  Center (then called the Central Violations Bureau) to process non-contested traffic, conservation, and watercraft offenses. Certain offenses are excluded from the center’s scope either by statute or policy. The center cannot process the following violations:

  • Any violation resulting in an accident or personal injury.
  • Operating a motor vehicle or watercraft while intoxicated or under the influence of intoxicants or drugs, or any other alcohol or drug related offenses.
  • Operating a vehicle with a counterfeited, altered, suspended or revoked license.
  • Fleeing or attempting to elude an officer.
  • Speeding offenses of more than 25 mph over the posted limit.
  • Violations of Chapter 303, RSMo including failure to provide proof of motor vehicle liability insurance.
  • Chapter 142, RSMo (Motor Fuel Tax)

Section 476.385, RSMo enacted by the Missouri Legislature in 1996, is the statutory basis for the Fine  Collection Center. The statute authorized the Supreme Court to appoint a committee consisting of at least seven associate circuit judges, who shall establish and maintain a uniform schedule of fines to be paid for violations of chapters 252, 301, 302, 304, 306, 307 and 390, RSMo. A 1999 amendment to the statute added coverage of child passenger restraint violations under section 210.104, RSMo effective August 28, 1999, and also ensured that a county would receive all fines and all county costs and fees on any case processed by the Fine Collection Center. A 2003 amendment to the statute added coverage of littering under sections 577.070 and 577.073, RSMo. Section 476.385, RSMo also authorized the Supreme Court of Missouri to establish a centralized bureau to accept pleas of not guilty or pleas of guilty along with payment of fines and court costs for violations of offenses listed on the uniform fine schedule.

Contact Information The Fine  Collection Center is located at 121 Alameda Dr., Jefferson  City, Missouri. The center’s mailing address is P.O.  Box 104540, Jefferson City, MO  65110. The center’s toll free phone number is (877) 866-3926. The fax number is (573) 522-8504. The center’s web page is found at Doug Starr is the program manager for the Fine Collection Center.

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