Minor In Possession

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Our St. Louis, Missouri MIP attorneys aggressively represent you with the objective that you do not receive an MIP on your permanent record. Unfortunately, we have seen situations where our underage clients receive MIPs for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Law enforcement officers do not always have proof that the person they are giving an MIP to, actually consumed or is in possession of alcohol.

For example in a recent case that our attorney defended—police broke up a party and gave everyone in attendance an MIP. The police did not investigate who was actually using or pocessing alcohol, they simply charged everyone present. Our attorney challenged the lack of evidence against our client in the prosecutor’s case and the case was dismissed.



Missouri Law makes it a Minor In Possession Offense for minors to consume alcohol. It is called Possession by Consumption. Revised Missouri Statutes Section 311.325.1  read more
A Minor in Possession conviction could cost you your license. Revised Missouri Statutes Section 577.500.2 read more
First Offense MIP could cost you your license for 90 days. Penalties for subsequent offenses get more and more serious read more

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