Points on your driving record

20 Dec

How does Missouri’s point system work?


The Missouri point system is slightly confusing because it relies on both time and amount of points to calculate penalties. Here are the rules:

If you accumulate a total of 4 points in 12 months, the Department of Revenue will send you a point accumulation advisory letter.

If you accumulate a total of 8 or more points in 18 months, the Department of Revenue will suspend your driving privilege.
•1st suspension – 30 days
•2nd suspension – 60 days
•3rd or more suspensions – 90 days

The Department of Revenue will revoke your driving privilege for one year if you accumulate:
•12 or more points in 12 months
•18 or more points in 24 months
•24 or more points in 36 months

When your driving privilege is reinstated following a Point Suspension or Revocation, the Department of Revenue reduces your total points to 4.

Every year you drive without getting new points on your record, the points will be reduced.
•1 year — total remaining points reduced by one-third
•2 years — remaining points reduced by one-half
•3 years — points reduced to zero

Although your points may be reduced to zero, certain types of convictions must remain listed permanently on your Missouri driver record.

If you have any questions about a specific moving violation and how it may affect your points, or are just concerned with the amount of points currently on your driving record, contact an IHaveASpeedingTicket.com attorney for a free consultation or fill out a brief form below and we will contact you within the hour.








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