St. Louis City Is Becoming a DWI “NO REFUSAL” Zone

30 Dec

St. Louis City is becoming a DWI “NO REFUSAL” zone.

That means that if a police officer has probable cause to believe that you are intoxicated he or she will ask you to provide a breath sample. If you refuse to blow, the police officer will now attempt to obtain a search warrant and have a licensed medical professional obtain a sample of your blood. The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level will then be used as evidence in your criminal prosecution. Please visit or DWI page for more information about St. Louis Missouri DWI law.

DWI violations in Missouri have a two part effect on your rights and freedom. First, there is the crime of DWI for which you may be fined and or/imprisoned. Second, there is the administrative violation which affects your driving privileges. If you refuse a request to provide a breath sample the Department of Revenue will revoke your right to drive for one year, and the evidence of the refusal can be used against you in a criminal prosecution of your case. But, in a typical situation, the prosecutor would not have the benefit of any chemical evidence (breathalyzer test evidence) to prove that you were in fact intoxicated. 

The new St. Louis City policy presents an extra wrinkle to an already complicated web of DWI laws. On one hand you have a refusal and a one year revocation on your record, on the other hand there is still chemical evidence of your BAC (blood alcohol content).

If you received a DWI in St. Louis City you need to contact a St. Louis DWI Attorney immediately you have a very limited time to protect your rights. 

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