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16 Dec

I am really excited about a new capability of this website. While all the old methods of contacting us and submitting your ticket remain available, our clients can now upload their speeding tickets, MIP tickets, DWIs, Drug Possession Citations or any other violations instead of filling out a detailed form. We just made the process of submitting tickets even faster and easier than before.  I looked through a lot of competitor traffic websites and did not find that other website allow you to upload your ticket.

Uploading your Traffic Ticket, MIP, DWI, Drug Possession Citation or any other violations, is really easy. First, go to the upload page and fill out your basic information (name, email and phone number). Second, click the checkbox signifying that you agree to the terms of use of this website. Third, click the “Upload Your Ticket” button and then click the orange “Submit Ticket” button.  Your ticket is now submitted. A traffic attorney will review your submission and respond, typically within the hour, with an email that contains a customized quote and instructions on how to proceed further. After we are hired, we start working on your case. We keep you updated on everything that is happening with your Traffic, DWI, MIP or other issues. Once we resolve your matter, we will send you a letter and an email explaining how your matter was resolved and what, if any, fine you have to pay. Most of the time, we do not need you to go to our office. And, on a routine traffic matter, we do not need you to go to court either.

I also noticed that the upload functionality works really well on android and apple phones. You can take a picture of the ticket with your phone, bring up the website and upload your ticket right from your phone. Try our new capability, you will like it as much as our service.


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